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[sticky post] Advice to young women

Hey you lady
you are a very precious jewel you know?
you are unique.. beautiful..smart and charming in every way
you deserve to be loved by someone who can see that in you
you deserve to be loved by someone who can always remind you about how precious you are
why be in love with someone who brings out the worst in you?
why be in love with someone who always makes you wonder does he really love you or not
you need to be with someone who sees you.. hear you.. and feel you
don't be afraid to let go
don't be skeptical and think that you cannot be without him
its not true
you can't be without YOU,but yes you will survive without him
so its better to be alone with yourself
than to be together with someone who does not see you and make you feel like you are nothing
Remember you are precious.. beautiful and smart.
Be patient and you will find..and someday you will know that you are better that you think.

Employee Management in Restaurant

When I first decided to open a restaurant, I searched on the web and found some people who already jumped in the business saying : "If you want to open a restaurant, THINK TWICE!" or "DON'T!" cos it took a lot of commitment and dedication. But I didn't care and I took the challenge. And here I am. Half frustrated, half angry and half desperate. It was like having another child, not only the quality and the guest need to be taken care of, but the employees are the main barrier I guess.

Uneducated human recourse are trash. Trust me! you play with your emotion and you got eaten by them. You don't play with emotion and use the 'cold hands', they runaway. You depend on them but on the same time you hate them. You tried to love and care for them, but in the end they always show you that its useless.

I feel like i'm drowning in a deep never ending hole with them. They sucked my energy slowly like a vampire sucking blood. I've tried all kinds of ways to get along, but its just useless. Trust me its useless dealing with uneducated employee. Trying to make them understand is like trying to put a nail inside a needle hole.

Refleksi New Roxy

Saya akan mengambil sedikit waktu untuk mereview kondisi di Resto saat ini.

Sebagai pemilik restaurant yang sudah berjalan selama tiga tahun, maka satu hal yang pasti adalah membuka restaurant itu membutuhkan dedikasi dan komitmen yang tinggi dari pemilik dan karyawannya. Semuanya harus menjadi satu kesatuan yang kompak dan terintegrasi.

Selama ini kami selalu dikacaukan oleh karyawan yang keluar masuk dengan semau-maunya dan denga berbagai cara dan kebohongan. Memang kita sebagai pemilik harus merefleksi diri, tapi mengingat karyawan yang banyak denga berbagai karakteristik, tidak mungkin kita bisa mengikuti keinginan mereka satu-per satu.

Terlalu akrab dan terlalu banyak terjun di lapangan juga kurang bagus, karena itu membuat persepsi kita sebagai pemilik menjadi subjektif karena kita terlalu terlibat secara emosional dengan karyawan, dan itu mengaburkan objektivitas kita.

Karyawan yang memiliki kinerja tidak bagus, dan tidak jujur, sebaiknya jangan dipakai karena karyawan tersebut akan memberi dampak yang buruk bagi karyawan lainnya. Jadi apabila dari awal kita sebagai pemilik sudah memberikan beberapa kali kesempatan dan ingin memecat satu karyawan, sebaiknya jangan pikir panjang dan langsung pecat saja sebelum karyawan itu membuat kerusakan lebih banyak dan lebih parah.

yang tamu butuhkan :
- Cepatnya datang makanan
- Pelayan yang bisa memberikan penjelasan yang jelas dan bukan hanya janji palsu.
- Pelayan yang kelihatan perhatian walau kondisi seramai apapun.
- Kebersihan makanan
- Wajah menyenangkan dan pelayan yang pintar berbicara dan berbahasa

yang dibutuhkn karyawan :
- gaji sepadan
- waktu kerja yang fleksibel

Journey of Self Healing

So I read this article about chakra, and last night I tried to meditate ( the first 15 minutes was OK..and I almost didn't feel my hands, but then Adelle cried and I have to move to the bed and start all over again and in the middle of it I fell Asleep

But I had a nice dream last night.. I didn't remember what was it all about, but when I woke up all I could remember is that Im going on a trip..or journey? and the two words stick in my mind : what is the difference between Trip and Journey?

I hpe its a good sign..maybe i'll try again tomorrow

Political Messed Up

Menjalani tahun ke-4 di kota ini, aku merasa semakin mengakar disini.
Ketenangannya,suasananya... bagaikan perlahan menyatu dengan diriku.
Namun sekarang sedang terjadi kekacauan politik. Dan suasana mencekam.. kita pun ikut dibawa bawa

Going 34

When I was about to write the subject of this blog, which is my age, I realize i’m starting to lose track on my age! Yup… I’m OLD now.. although deep down inside I still feel like i’m the same me when I was 25 or in my golden age, but now i’m older and i’m no longer as young as the image in my mind.

I’m a mom of two girls, one of them is growing taller and taller each day, and every night I can’t almost believe how fast she had grown. She’s grown so tall and beautiful.

There are a lot on my mind right now, I feel like its crowded, full of I don’t know what but list of things to do.. and I have to keep on running coz when I stop for a moment, the list of things to do grow more and more.

So i’m gonna take this very little time that I have in the morning before the little one wake up, to make a little resolution.. and hopefully this year at least half of them I can make come true.

I’m reaching a phase where I realize that success and everything we want to achieve depends on our self, our choice and our motivation.

My Resolution on my 34th years of life is….

Have a better time management

Finish what I start

Be a better Mom, spend more time with my daughters.

Ave : Cos my time with Ave will not be long, she will move to the city probably 6 years from now, and I won’t be able to be living with her and see her face everyday anymore, So I better stop getting angry at her all the time, stop being the mom who always say no no no and start paying attention to her feelings.

Adelle : Need to spend more time with her also.. teach her, give her source of information to make grow up to be smart like her sister.

4. As for my parent, they are what they are. There’s nothing I can do to change them. Just believe that God always protect them. I need to change the way I speak with my mom, if I don’t want in the future my daughter do the same to me, (yes.. I know, my mom started it first, but my daughter didn’t know, and all she can see is that her mommy is too rude to grandma).

5. I need to go to a place I've never been to! don’t have to be out of country. I need an adventureeeeeeee
6. Do some exercise??
7. Open new business??

Ok.. That's it for now cos adelle wake up already

Adelle Atisha, 19 months

You have grown fast!
I hope you could stay little and cute like this
You love to eat especially snacks and surprisingly dark chocolate
When you laugh, you really laugh it out
but when you cry, you really cried it out loud

You love your sister avrille so much..and so does she
when you both look at each other it was magic..
you both look at each other with lots of love..
I hope it would last forever

You love to play with Trisya, the baby alive doll
I remember there was one time you put on a lot of biskuits into Trisya's mouth!
and also crayons!
Yesterday you play swing and you put trisya in your lap
You like dolls more than your sister ave

You like to dress up too...
the way you walk is more like a boy, steady and heavy, but you love to dress up like princess
you know..some of the first words you could say is "Elsa" yup... Elsa Frozen

I love you so much...
I cannot describe in words

Sad View

Yesterday when I went to the market, I saw a very very very sad view..
A woman got down from ojek. She wore a very tight shirt and short skirt and she brings her little 3 years old boy, and then I saw something ... a very little hand hiding from her body. At first I thought it was a toy doll.. I thought the woman bring a doll for her boy to play. But then I realized she carry the 'doll' in her body with a baby carriage. When I got a clear image, I realized it was not a toy.. it is a baby! yup..a baby girl, lying helpless facing towards the very hot sun and the mother didn't pun any blanket or hat to that baby,.. then I thought oh poor baby, she was just probably 2 weeks old and the mother took her wandering around by motorcycle, in a daylight with no blanket to cover her. And it was so hot that day! and the skin of the baby was so pale, as if she's not alive anymore..

And the most sad thing is that the mother's expression is just as if nothing weird going on

Then I got information from the people in the market that the lady was 'sick'. Many men took advantage of her. They just raped her and left her. She got 5 children (which I don't have any idea at all how on earth does she manage to raise). Most of the children she gave birth by herself.

Ok..i'm speechless...and I feel pain in my chest..
And the people said it is God's miracle how the children stays alive.. what??? God's miracle???? God's miracle in a sick way!

Well I don't know whether we should call that God' miracle or paying a bad karma from the before life..I really don't know


running running chasing something I don't even know what
everyday seems so short
never enough time
this and that but not enough energy
am I not pushing myself harder?
or did I push myself too hard?
what is time? is it real? do we have to trust the 24 hours in a day? does 'day' even exist? or we just making it up while the reality is we are walking forward to a never ending road
I'm afraid i'm loosing it
I'm afraid by the time I realize this, i'm 80 years already
What am I doing? why am I so busy chasing something while the ones that I need to maintain seems untouchable
do I need to get help or do I just need more time?


Wow 2016 Already and its almost the end of February!
Its been forever since I last write
Adelle is growing up fast..she's so cute and adorable..and we wish she never grow up
She likes to do 'adventure' in every corner of the room..
Messing things up
We tidy up and she instantly mess it up
Ave is growing fast too...
She's becoming this very sensitive in a good way girl.
She has this 'thing' about people.. she has big empathy
She always asked me not to get angry to her grandma

One time when my mom got angry at me, I told ave.. "see.. gradma likes to get angry at mommy too" and she answered : " Yes but you don't have to answer back"

what a grown up she is..but there's still a little girl side inside her that always crave for attention from me.

SOmetimes I feel guilty for not always spending time with them, but there's so much to do here..
I tried to manage my time but seems like I lost Focus